You may be unfamiliar with the practice of Centering Prayer. It is very similar to meditation, but rather than focusing on emptying our mind in the stillness, Centering Prayer brings our relationship with God to the center of our inner stillness.

As a recovering addict, I have found centering prayer quite helpful especially in time of stress, when dealing with triggers and so forth. It is a valuable practice for any one interested in pursuing a more contemplative lifestyle.

I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch this excellent introduction to the contemplative practice of Centering Prayer. Father Keating is wonderful to watch and listen to. I hope you will be as blessed by his teaching as I have.

Father Thomas Keating, the founder of the Centering Prayer movement, is an author, teacher and monk who has worked for many years to foster understanding among the world’s religion. A member of the Cistercian Order in the Benedictine tradition, Father Keating lives at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado.

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2 thoughts on “Centering Prayer / Meditation with Father Thomas Keating

  1. Dear Bonnie,

    I’m so sorry you are experiencing these painful feelings. I would encourage you to see if there is a Celebrate Recovery in your area. They have some excellent women’s groups that could help you process these feelings. Please feel free to email me again off line:



  2. Dear Centering Prayer family,
    I deeply need help with a situation that I have been going through lately.
    I have been experiencing feelings like my heart is breaking or is broken and it cause me many saltly tears. I don’t know why I am feeling this way. Could you offer me any answers or advise. God Bless!
    Bonnie Lawrence