BOOK REVIEW ~ The Naked Now by Richard Rohr

The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See


Richard Rohr

Only recently introduced to Richard Rohr’s writing, I was pleasantly surprised to read concepts often represented by Eastern religions or New Age philosophies shown in our Christian traditions.

In The Naked Now Fr. Rohr literally teaches a new way to see. He helps us move from the all or nothing; either / or thinking, to more inclusive both / and views.  An excellent book to help bridge the gaps we see so much in our culture today. I love that he isn’t afraid to quote other religious teachers: Zen Masters and The Dali Lama for instance.

One point he made that I have seen in my own life is that many Christian denominations focus so much on doctrine but don’t give us the vision or practices that can help us actually experience the truths.  Most awesome is the appendixes that teach us how to practice The Naked Now!

What a fresh word! I’m ready to read this book again!

If you can’t see the screen below CLICK HERE for a introduction to The Naked Now by Richard Rohr.

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