RHW 2020!

Happy New Year Friends!

I’m excited to give you an overview of the upcoming weekly Reaching Hurting Women columns for 2020.  We’ll be continuing our magazine format with a different topic each Friday of the month as follows:

1st Friday: The Lord’s Prayer 

The first Friday of each month we will be studying The Lord’s Prayer. We’re breaking down this beloved prayer one phrase at a time and applying it to our life today.

2nd Friday: The Spiritual Disciplines 

On the second Friday of each month we’ll be studying The Spiritual Disciplines. We will be learning about and putting into practice twelve of may favorite spiritual disciplines.

3rd Friday: Colossians 3 

This particular section of Scripture is my favorite chapter in the Bible. It has so much richness that can provide transformation for anyone’s life. On the third Friday of the month we’ll break it down by sections to find fresh application for us all.

4th Friday: The Red Sea Rules Study 

In November of 2019 I reviewed a wonderful book that I’ve been reading over the last several months during my weekend devotion times. For the fourth Friday each month we will learn how the God who led us in will also lead us out. 

5th Friday: Music Reviews 

This year the months of January, May, July and October each have five Fridays. I’m excited to branch out with a new format and bring you reviews on music that has been especially important and touching in my life. 

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year of study and writing. I hope you will join me and bring along a friend when you can.

May the grace and peace of Christ be with you in this coming year and always…