In 2021 Reaching Hurting Women continues our magazine format which offers four different themes for study and contemplation every month for the year. Each of the four power-packed themes will be a 12 month series assigned to a specific Friday of every month. In months with five Fridays we’ll be offering a special column reviewing touching inspirational music.

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to give you an overview of the upcoming weekly Reaching Hurting Women columns for 2021.  We’ll be continuing our magazine format which offers four powerful themes for study each Friday of the month. The schedule will be as follows:

1st Friday of Each Month: Psalm 91 

The first Friday of each month we will be studying Psalm 91. We’ll be breaking down this powerful psalm one phrase at a time and applying its phenomenal protection promises to our life today.

2nd Friday of Each Month: The Holy Spirit

On the second Friday of each month we’ll be going through an in-depth study of The Holy Spirit. We will be learning about who The Holy Spirit is, what are the gifts and fruits of the Spirit and how we can walk them out in our daily life.

3rd Friday of Each Month: Life Recovery Gifts

Continuing our ongoing recovery work, this year we’ll be studying the 12 Gifts of Life Recovery. We will learn about the hidden blessings that come as an added benefit with our journey into wholeness and health.

4th Friday of Each Month: The Do It Afraid Book Study 

Our book study for 2021 is Do It Afraid: Embracing Courage in the Face of Fear by Joyce Meyer. We will learn how to understand fear, recognize how it works in our life, confront the fears that hold us back and achieve lasting freedom from those fears. Join me as we dig into Joyce’s awesome and timely released new book.

5th Friday Months: Music Reviews 

I’m really happy to be continuing the special column that I premiered in 2020. On the last Friday in each of the months that have five Fridays (January, April, July, October and December) I’ll be bringing you reviews of Christian music that has particularly touched my heart and spirit.

I’m so looking forward to a wonderful year of writing and study together in the Lord. I hope you’ll join me and bring along a friend when you can.

I pray God’s many Blessings upon you and your family for this coming year and always… Tamara


In observance of my Benedictine Monastic practices, on the last Friday of each month in 2019 we’re walking Saint Benedict’s 12 Steps of Humility. With each step we come closer to our spiritual transformation and the perfect love of God.

The fourth step of humility is that in obedience, under difficult, unfavorable or even unjust condition, our hearts quietly embrace suffering and endure it without weakening or seeking escape. ~ The Rule of Benedict

Be brave of heart and rely on God. ~ Psalm 27:14

Obedience often brings pain.

Last month in Humility Step Three we learned about obedience. Saint Benedict wants us to submit to our authority figures for the love of God imitating Christ who became obedient even to death. In other words, there are times our obedience may bring difficult or painful circumstances, that may be hard but yet they are in our best interest.

Be faithful to the end and you will experience life and deliverance. ~ Matthew 10:22 (TPT)

Living a pain-free life.

Benedict links obedience with patience. Something not taught much today. When facing difficult situations most of us don’t embrace the suffering quietly  or without weakening. The minute there is any sort of stress we’re seeking an escape. Our escapes come in many forms: food, sex, drugs, alcohol, work, social media, shopping, gambling… Anything that can take our mind off our troubles can serve as an escape.

Persevere to the end.

By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall win the true life of your souls. ~ Luke 21:19 (TPT)

Scripture tells us there will be challenges and struggles. But Jesus encourages us no matter what we’re experiencing, if we will endure, if we are faithful to the end, we will experience deliverance in this lifetime and certainly in the next.

Quietly embrace patience in your life situation as you enjoy this beautiful song by Kari Jobe.