Spiritual Disciplines are not a list of religious duties. But rather habits that nurture and mature our spiritual growth. They are inward, spiritual attitudes walked out by behaviors and actions. These habits are critical for lasting spiritual growth and true life transformation.

In The Spiritual Disciplines series we’ll be learning 12 disciplines that will guide us as we grow deeper in our walk with God. These columns will post on the second Friday of each month in 2020.

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES: habits that nurture spiritual growth. 

SUBMISSION : aligning my will and freedom with God’s will and freedom; submitting to others in love and reverence for Christ.

“Be humble in the Lord’s presence, and He will honor you.” ~ James 4:10

“Place yourselves under each other’s authority out of respect for Christ.” ~ Ephesians 5:21


The Spiritual Discipline of Submission in the truest sense is humbling ourselves, actually lowering ourselves beneath the power and authority of Jesus Christ as our Lord, King and Master. By doing so we’re making ourselves subjects in His Kingdom; allowing ourselves to be ruled by His wisdom, not our own.

The potential for power and leadership in our personal lives is grown and developed in the classroom of the disciplines. While submission plays a part in our relationships with others, we won’t know how to truly submit to any authority figure, or show respect to people in general, unless we’re able to submit our heart and souls to God Almighty.

“Fear God or fear everything else.” ~ Kanye West

Unless and until we submit to God’s authority over our lives we’ll be vacillating between seeking the world’s approval or fearing the world’s rejection in some form or other. But as we humble ourselves, and live our life for the audience of One, He will honor our efforts and give us true success beyond what we have asked for or expect.

Take a few minutes to contemplate the Spiritual Discipline of Submission with this beautiful worship video from Hillsong Worship.  If you haven’t done so, consider aligning your will with God’s will now, giving Him full reign of your heart and life. There will never be a better time than today.